Spa Asia SpaAsia 2022 will also be an ode to celebration and family

First major get-together of its kind for all enthusiasts of cars, motorbikes, but also culture emanating from Asia, SpaAsia promises not to go unnoticed as from its first edition on Sunday 18th September on the Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps! And true to DG Sport tradition, the objective is to satisfy everyone, young and old!

A copious programme of entertainment has been concocted for the occasion. And while other surprises are still expected in the coming days, it is already a given fact that nobody will be bored in the heart of the ‘most beautiful circuit in the world’ with activities directly linked to the Asian theme … 

The event will be eclectic, Félix Fabry, in charge of the family and festive part of SpaAsia 2022 at DG Sport confirmed. In addition to the little train allowing one to discover in the best possible manner the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps via the service track, we can announce Sumo wrestling for children and adults, which will bring about a large dose of laughter, car simulators, game arcade terminals with Initial D, Tekken, Virtua Tennis, Wangan Midnight, Time Crisis 2, Street Fighter and Puzzle Booble 4, a remote-control car drifting show … but also a life size Drift demonstration! And it is worth noting, this list is not exhaustive … “

As the days go by, the billboard of the inaugural edition of SpaAsia is taking shape, with two and four-wheel activities on the track– in the form of riding and driving sessions, but also parades – and in the paddocks, in addition to many good reasons for the most diverse of clubs and the unconditional fans of the Asian way of life to have a great time. An opportunity to set the scene for an event of becoming an excellent habit over the years … 

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